We will supply you with the following sources:

American Wholesalers - Thousands and thousands of American companies that will sell you virtually any item you can think of at low wholesale prices.

American Dropshippers - These companies will drop-ship their products right to your customers so you don't need to stock an inventory!
Philippines Sources - easily buy from the Philippines at the lowest wholesale prices possible.

Asian Sources - Buy at low, low prices direct from Oriental countries like Korea, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Hong Kong Sources - The US dollar is very valuable in Hong Kong and their factories produce thousands of products at low giveaway prices.

Mexico Sources - this is a gold mine of products. Mexico is noted for their fine silver jewelry and you will have access to thousands of factories that will supply you with real profit making products.

Taiwan Sources - these are manufacturers that want to sell thousands of different products to you at unbelievable low prices.

Closeout Sources - Thousands of Close out companies ready to liquidate their merchandise at below wholesale prices! You will have access to thousands of wholesale sources where you can find over ONE MILLION products and wholesale products.

And Much More!


Get low wholesale prices directly from Wholesalers, Distributors, Vendors, and Liquidators. Eliminate the middleman! This guide is perfect for entrepreneurs that do business on the Internet, mail order, flea markets, or simply want to buy products for themselves at wholesale prices.

Get access now! As Seen On Tv Products, Diet Pills, eBay Sources, Electronics, Clothes, and hundreds of hot items for you to sell and make big profits! This informational guide is packed with tons, thousands of sources!

Get access now and download this package, classified in categories, with a brief description of each wholesaler (telephone number, address, url website, and description of item they sell). Hundreds of happy customers all over the world are making money thanks to this wholesale guide - they're impossible to compile - until now! Remember, these wholesalers are secret!

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This is the Most Useful Wholesale Source Guide Ever Put Together... Here you will find the best brands at wholesale prices! Prada, Nike, Sony, Gap, Abercrombia A&F, Matel, Hitachi, Compaq, Dell and many more! The best manufacturers of clothes, gifts, movies, toys, electronics, furniture and much more! Thousands of listings right at your fingertips! Don't wait and order now the Wholesale Sources Package and start saving money.......and making it!

For only $19.95 you get a MEGA directory of over 2000 companies who will dropship 100,000+ products you can sell on the web - there are descriptions of each company's program, what products they supply & a link to their website or address. Most companies stock hundreds or even thousands of products in one or more of the categories in the left column!





What do I get with my purchase?

Within 1 business day, you will received an email with access information and a 60 day membership to our Online Wholesale Sources Index along with our entire library of ebooks and free online resources within our members area that will help you succeed in your business. There are NO hidden fees or monthly costs.

Do the distributors sell name brand products?

Yes, we have most of the major name brands listed throughout our index that these wholesale distributors sell.

What kind of information does the Wholesale Sources Index contain about these wholesalers?

Every single wholesale source will always contain the phyical address of the source. Many of the sources will also contain the following: website address, phone number, fax number, and physical address of the source. We also try to provide a description and rating of each wholesale distributor has to offer - not just some list of links.

Does your Wholesale Index contain international wholesalers?

Yes, our wholesale index contains a variety of wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

What is your refund policy?

Because this is a digital / electronic product, all sales are final.



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